This is the worst kind of company that you can ever deal with in your life. They are offering. To call through your internet service, but that definitely does not happen. He will find all kinds of funny business going on when i call. cross-connection wrong connection problem not able to hear correctly everything. Okay, still taking into account that our cost would be reduced. No problem. We are still willing to go for that. Then when people call you the calls do not actually come in the calls are all blocked. What? Need to do is definitely there is a dial tone on your phone from where you could retrieve who had actually called you. But to retrieve those messages here you would have to log in to their website and then only can you receive or retrieve those messages? Basic talking never released our number they blocked all our incoming calls only option to our caller was to leave those messages and to receive those messages. We would have to log into Basic Talk website to get to know who exactly called us and to do that. We again would have to pay them or as we would not be able to find those messages. This was just pathetic service and harassment. I think they are still running some sort of scam or just trying to rip me off my money. This is just bad service. I think I’ve had enough and I would definitely like to cancel even if that means that I would lose my number. Even the representatives are completely uneducated and do not have any kind of professionalism in them. They do not understand a single sentence. They are completely incompetent in handling my problems. I definitely would never go for this one ever again neither. Would I ever recommend this to anyone.

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