Baskin Robbins Gallatin Tennessee


Complaint: This is the most poorly run store I have ever seen. Last year we went to this particular store on several occasions to get their banana royals, we must have gone about 5 different times and each time they were out of bananas! We walked out each time and finally I called the Hendersonville store to complain. They said they were not the owners of the Gallatin store but would certainly notify the RM, we received a call from the owner of that store and all he had to say was well they can’t keep buying banana’s as they go bad!!! Now keep in mind they are within walking distance of a grocery store! Fast forward a year. This being a beautiful sunny day, we decided to go to Baskin Robbins for Banana Royal’s. We pull up and as a joke I looked at my husband and said before you get out should I go make sure they have banana’s. So we both go in and before standing in line for 30 minutes as we most often have to I asked to make sure they had banana’s and YES, you guessed it, NO banana’s. I was to stunned to comment and we walked out. I can’t tell you how much business this place has lost because of this ordering problem. I can’t believe they are allowed to own this franchise! If you want a banana royal go to the one in Hendersonville! Oh, and by the way we just went next door to (((REDACTED))) and got ice cream, saved ourselves about 10 dollars!

Tags: Ice Cream Shops

Address: 1545 Nashville PK Gallatin, Tennessee USA


Phone: 615-230-0050

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