Bath Renewal Review


They removed the bathtub and installed a walk-in shower. A puddle of water remains in the shower as the floor is uneven and the water cannot drain properly. The shower is too narrow and cannot accommodate a wheel chair. A seat in the shower was never installed. | Hand grabbers were not installed to help her get off the toilet seat. Water gets on the bathroom floor. Its hard to get the wheel chair in the shower, the base edge is too high. Bottom of edge is not secured to the floor. Light fixture is too low, medicine cabinet is too low, he didn’t finsh painting. Used flat paint instead of water proof base. | Didn’t cover anything in the house and left dust everywhere and on everthing, including her medicine. She couldn’t sleep in the bed as there was too much dust. Didn’t have a building permit. Didn’t reinstall door bell. There are no shelves in the shower she has to put shampoo, soap on the floor. Basically she cannot use her bathroom.


Name: Bath Renewal

Country: United States

State: Wisconsin

City: Green Bay

Address: 1740 Riverside Dr.

Phone: 920-393-8748


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