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Bad returns

I had started working with Baxter Capital Management thinking that they would help me get better returns through investments. However, I was wrong. Instead of offering me better returns, they have done the opposite. Their advice and recommendations havenít yielded the best results. Either they donít know how to ensure the best results for their clients or they give biased suggestions due to some underlying reason. In both cases, itís bad for the clients. 

I used to invest my money myself and even though I am not a certified financial advisor, I got better returns than these guys. So paying them certainly doesnít feel like a smart decision. Instead, it would be much better to leave their services, considering how expensive they are. I can use that money to invest more and enhance my returns. However, I wanted to add a review here because I donít want anyone else to make the mistake I made. 

You shouldnít invest with Baxter Capital Management. Those people are only good at making false claims about their offered returns. They manipulate you into thinking they want the best for you. In reality, they either donít know what they are doing or have some interests in specific investments which they donít tell anyone about. You wouldnít benefit from investing with such a firm. There are plenty of other wealth managers in Indianapolis. You donít have to rely on this bunch. 

To be honest with everyone here, I didnít think Baxter would be so disappointing. I have seen plenty of service providers in my career but I have never seen such depressing performance before. I have tried to share my discontentment with the returns they are getting me, but they donít acknowledge it. Iím hopeless now and I donít think it would be worth complaining to them anymore. This review is only for those who might consider hiring this firm in the future. You shouldnít fall prey to this trap. These people will trap you in contracts and will keep making you think that they are getting you the best possible returns. 

Initially, I thought of giving them the benefit of doubt, but after seeing how they didnít improve their performance at all, I realized that these people are hopeless. Itís not worth paying these guys. Iím quite certain that there are many affordable and skilled service providers out there. You donít necessarily have to hire someone who canít deliver the results they promised before

About Baxter Capital Management:

Baxter Capital Management is a wealth management firm situated in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their address is 9247 N Meridian St Ste 103, Indianapolis, IN 46260. They claim to be passionate about serving their clients which is clearly a lie. This firm makes huge claims about its offered returns to its customers so potential clients would give them their accounts. Baxter Capital Management is actually quite a disappointing wealth advisor in terms of offered returns on investments. There are plenty of reasons why I canít recommend their services but the biggest one is the low returns they deliver to their customers. 

As I said, I would have managed my investments better if I had listened to myself instead of these people. Even though they claim that they donít sell any investment products, I highly doubt that. Otherwise, why would they choose low-yielding investments in place of better ones? It doesnít make any sense to me. 

Baxter Capital Management Review: Conclusion

If youíre looking for a wealth advisor that doesnít deliver good results, then you should go with Baxter Capital Management. Those people have disappointed me repeatedly ever since I started doing business with them. My experience with this firm has been pathetic. Thatís why I donít recommend working with Baxter Capital Management in my review. 

You should look for a more skilled and experienced wealth management firm. These people will only disappoint you. 

Baxter Capital Management delivers poor results and deceives clients. They make huge claims about their investment suggestions to manipulate customers. Due to these reasons, I donít recommend working with them.

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