Bay Yacht Agency Complaint


BYA said they could set up a system for me to obtain a sailboat that paid for itself by taking out a loan, chartering it out for five years, and having the charter fees pay for the boat so that I would own it free and clear after five years. I made a good-faith negotiation deposit of $10, 000 on March 31st, which was refundable by April 15th if all the details and financing for the charter system they set up did not work out. On April 10th, I found out that the figures BYA was presenting were inaccurate, and lacked data from the charter company BYA had selected, so I asked for my deposit back. BYA promised to refund the deposit, but asked me to extend negotiations until after the 15th, since this was tax season and the charter company was too busy to answer specifics. On May 5th the charter company came back with figures that were unworkable, so I informed BYA, and again asked for my refund. BYA refused to refund the $10, 000 and kept the money. This was a bait-and-switch scam – do not trust these guys!

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