Bazooka Gold Complaint


Bazooka gold company, doing business as is a sole proprietorship operated by todd osborn in el dorado county, california and they sell a trap type sluice box. The website is registered to todd osborn at 1780 shady creek lane, placerville, ca 95667 their published phone number is [protected], email: [protected] . After placing an order and paying on the company website i received no verification and after four days and repeated request i received a petulant regurgitation of my request for information. All further attempts via phone or e-mail to find out the status of my order that is a week overdue, such as shipping information or lacking that, a request for a refund have been met with silence. I now have to attempt to have the bank reverse the charge or go to small claims court to recoup my money but ultimately, even if i get back my original amount, i will be out the time effort and expense of having to deal with this thief. Summary: unless you have $215.00 that you will happily donate to the todd osborn rip you off fund, i suggest you look elsewhere for a reliable sluice box at half the price.

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