Make a long story very short. I own Carriers4less. Freight Broker, Transporation company. I am on 46 reviews sites and ya there is a few nasty reviews. Just a small fraction. The BBB contact me and told me that to get accreditied with them i would have to pay $500 a month to them. I refused. I have never lost any business because of an F rating or not being a member of the BBB. I have 248 subcontracters and 4 offices. Why do i need the BBB what have they done to help me & my business. So they literally copied my relply and posted it on there company website, and gave me a F rating. There Google Reviews are 2 stars. That alone should say something And honestly i have copied a link to all my contracts to show the CNN undercover story about the BBB that way all my customers will see. So you understand how my company works. I take a none refundable deposit of $250, customer signs a contract, i send a truck out to for pick up. IF for whatever reason your item doesnt get picked up that is between you and the truck driver. Many times in my first year have my drivers drove 1 way 60 miles just to hear: i found someone cheapier please leave. Then the driver has to drive to his next pick up so who is going to pay for all those miles lost and fuel. And this is why i take a deposit upfront before sending out a truck. Feel free to get a hold of me at any time: (email address removed by admin) .

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