BBG Communications – International Satellite Communications sanford Florida Review


Like most people I fell for this scam at an international payphone. I was able to get a full refund after hours of haggling. A couple months later after learning my lesson never to use a payphone internationally. I went to Colombia and used the Hotel phone in my room. Never did I think the Hotel would outsource its telecomunications. Sure enough Six weeks later I received two $48.63 charges on my Credit Card from you guessed it BMG. The Hotel I stayed in a very nice one I might add, uses BMG to complete calls for them. Incredible. Just another twist to the scam. This time when I call BMG they tell me they will offer me a 10% credit. Ridiculous for a less than one minute call twice. I am filing a dispute with my credit card company. I guess nothing is safe anymore when calling from overseas.

511 E. San Ysidro Blvd. Internet United States of America



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