BB’s Euromotors


BB’s Euromotors Olive Branch MS BMW Fraud Lie Cheat Deceptive Olive Branch Mississippi!!. I took my BMW to BB’s Euromotors for a full Radiator Flush – requesting that they use BMW Blue Antifreeze. After i got home, i noticed that they used the cheap green coolant. On my receipt they charged me for BMW Anti-freeze. But is not what I got!!!!!! Also, they recommend that i get my transmission fluid flushed. When I called Terry u2018 Terry had me on the phone and asked someone if BMW still recommends transmission flushes at 100Ku2026 Then she came back to the phone, telling that yes BMW does recommend that this service be done. I called BMW, they said thatu2019s funny because our transmissions are meant to never be flushed at all whatsoever. BMW said if you look on the transmission, we have sticker that clearly says that. These people will take advantage it seems whenever they can! They are overpriced – charging you a premium rate – providing you with cheap low grade s**t. BEWARE – “Terry” talks a good game!!!

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