BCBG Max Azria Complaint


After having spent most of the morning walking into the shops at Leesburg Outlet in Northern, VA, I was greeted by everyone with a “Welcome to “. Friendly clerks, warm faces and an invitation to shop and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, this was not the case when I walked into the BCBG Outlet. The clerk, literally, welcomed me with a 2 minute lecture until I finally had to leave. He told me, “If you try something on, you will have to bring it back and hang it back right where you found it. We are tired of hanging things back up and are tired of cleaning up the dressing room after people. So, if something doesn’t work out, you will have to be courteous and I was absolutely appalled and just ended up leaving. Upon deciding to come back to let him know how this had soured my mood and was completely unnecessary, his response was that he had not used any profanity. He told me that customers tend to be rude and don’t put back their merchandise in the correct place. ?? I am at a complete loss. From this, am I to understand that BCBC’s philosophy towards its customers are as follows: 1) Customers are a pain and are extremely rude. 2) Customers are supposed to hang up their own clothes. 3) Customers who have never, previously, stepped into the store should receive a lecture and be reminded what a pain their are. 4) Customers should feel honored that they didn’t have to hear profanity upon walking into the store. I will never shop here again. I have let the company know of this along with Leesburg Outlets themselves. While BCBG has not responded, at least the outlets did by letting me know that they do not want one person to sour the experience at the mall. I plan on letting everyone know to avoid this store at all costs. Nothing justifies rude and uncalled-for actions from a clerk.

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