BCP Dietnow 855 and Forskolin Bent Mountain


Complaint: I ordered one trial supply. The small print says 14 day trial, they send 30 days. The Forskolin came, the other product didnt. After 14 days you are charged full price for the initial bottle, then the next delivery. A call to a nuce consumer representative was helpful. She explained over and over how the system worked. Continued arguing over the way that was done and the fact that the second product was never received resulted in a cancellation and an offer to refund 25% of the “purchase”” price. Keep arguing. She eventually offered a 50% refund

Tags: Computer Mail Order

Address: then finally a 75% refund. She was a pro. Probably has to deal with these calls all day long. Do not fall for this scam. I was really hoping it would work. This is not a reputable company. A money making scam.”


Phone: Internet United States

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