BDO Canada LLP Review


Michael Cosentino , Intermediate Accountant, Tax at BDO Canada in Guelph Ontario Canada is an absolute rip-off! This man was hired by my business to do our accounting work for the year 2016. I am writing to warn anyone looking for accountant services. I use quickbooks for all of my entries. I sent him all of the information he needed, everything. I did have a problem with a quickbook entry, which was an error when my point of sale transfers over. I notified him of it. He could not for the life of him understand the problem. I would also have to send him information 2 or 3 times. I have had my taxes done professionally every year, and my accountant retired, so I was referred to him. So, he ended up getting frustrated and was very rude to me, said I am done with you. All of a sudden, he is done my taxes??? How can you be done, when you are missing information. I confronted him on it, and all he did was use foul language and threatened to sue me. I did not pay.


Name: BDO Canada LLP

Country: Canada


City: Alexandria, Ontario

Address: 55 Anik Street K0C 1A0 Phone

Phone: 613-525-1585


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