BDP Productions nashville Tennessee Review


THIS IS A DIRTY OLD MAN FINDING GIRLS ONLINE AND GETTING THEM TO AUDITION FOR A FOOT PHOTOSHOOT JUST SO HE CAN GET OFF, DON’T FALL FOR HIS LIES!I answered this mans ad on craigslist, it said:We are doing auditions this Saturday Oct 8th for leg/foot model video shoot. The auditions will be held at a location near the airport. You will need to bring shorts or an outfit of your choice that shows your legs and a pair of stilettos. Stilettos should be at least 4 inch heels and open toe/open heel style. Audition should only take an hour to complete. No experience is required but you must be 21. Email current photos and contact info to schedule an audition. $400 each model paid in cash day of shoot. Whats he emails me: This is not a photo shoot it is a video shoot and with any video there has to be a little acting to make it interesting. There will be a little story line for the video which will be explained at the audition. It is not a hard one so dont worry about that. From what Ive seen of you so far you dont have anything to worry about so just relax and have some fun with this audition.So I decide to show up even though we were told to meet at a hotel, since there were two other girls there everything should be fine. He tells us to meet him in his hotel room so we can do our “audition”” Terry then tells us about his company BDP Productions (which doesnt even have a website or any info online about it) and says him and his brother and friends will be video taping girls dancing on him as a foot fetish and we would get paid $400 just to dance on him with our heels. So all of us took turns dancing on his crotch and chest. He never even had a camera to video tape or take photos..Within 45 mins we were then told to leave and he would call us back. He txts me that night saying I got the job and hes just waiting to find more girls for the video. A week later he does more “”auditions”” with more girls

then says he found everyone he wants. 2 weeks later says hes looking for a location

then never gets back to anyone…One of the girls txts him saying she’s pretty sure it was a scam and that he was a joke

what he had the nerve to say back was: “”I forgot to thank you for walking on me in those heels and making me cream in my pants.””Needless to say we never got paid and wasted our time and gas.TERRY BOROS IS AN OLD PERVERT


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