BE EASY LLC Fort Lauderdale Florida


Complaint: These People are tottal Scam landlords.. You DO not want to rent from them.. These people took $3300.00 of my money for first last and security. I stayed for about 3 months and Carolina one of the ownser told me she would make a generous offer if I moved since she had A FRIEND that loves the place. Since I am not in the habit of moving around often I said no.. My next rent was due and I was A Day late.. I got a 3 day notice on my door and paid the rent accordingly to Corolina Magnussen and informed her I placed it in her mailbox. I got no response.. I dropped it on A friday I had seen her boyfriend Hans Bez and Partner on Sunday of that weekend and nothing was said to me about rent or any other issue and figured all was ok.. He even came up to me and asked what I was doing while I was sitting in front of my place working on my Ipad and just told him I am working on some business stuff. I figured all was well, Tuesaday of the following week I got served with an Eviction notice, For rent due they had the nerve to lie to the Boward county Judge that rent was not paid. I called and left several messages with no return call back from them offering to cut another check or give a cashiers check with no response or why I was served when they had recived the payment.. No response from them I tried the real estate agent Juan Noriega and asked what was going on he stated to me.. even though I had paid the rent that Carolina was going to evict me anyway since she was looking to use the property for a family member and did not matter if the rent was paid or not, and had her seen carolina and Hans do it before. I dont have people over at my place and dont make lots of noise or cause trouble. My neighbors where shocked and told me now they know why no one has ever completed their lease in that apartment.. Beware renters these people are just out to steal your deposit and re rent and just do it over and over to as many as they can scam. The property is at 2201 NE 15th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Stay Away!!

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Address: 2601 NE 27 TERRACE Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA



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