Beacon Debt Solutions, Inc. Complaint


Beacon Debt Solutions settled an acount for me in September of 2009. When it came time to pay the account off some 5 months later, I found out that Beacon had defaulted on the payment arrangements with the creditor. I’m still paying Beacon over $400.00 a month in which I was told by Beacon goes into a trust account Beacon alledges that the settlement with the creditor was voided after they missed sending in the payment by only by 2 days! My ” total paid” of $3300.00 was kept by the creditor. Beacon (whom I have a signed arrangements with) now suggests that I re-negotiate the settlement for another approximate $4, 000.00 for the same account, and with the same creditor. Beacon has not addressed this trust account mis-management issue made by their own representative. My request for a manager or attorney callback from Beacon has not been completed. On, 03/15/10 I held on the line for a manager for 10 minutes; the line was hungup on. I still have not recieved a callback from a manager or attorney. Incidentally, I was sued for another account that Beacon was to of worked on, as well. Beacon collected their service fees upfront. Beacon would not return my calls prior to the court summons date! When I did speak with a Beacon manager, I was told by her “I was told not to call you back…and your account has since been closed .” This was not true.

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