Beacon Management, Inc. Complaint


BMI is a computer repair service which also sells computer related products. I use this company about 4 years ago to have my computer repaired and met with no problem. Trusting in my first experience with this one shop company I recently took my Laptop in for specific repairs. I asked them to replace 5 missing drivers and to load Windows Explorer 6.0 . I took it in at 10:00AM requesting same day service. What needed to be done was simple enough. Were it not for the fact that one of the missing drivers was my Ethernet Adaptor I could have connected to the internet and done it myself. I get a call at 3:00PM telling me “The computer won’t be ready today because there are some problems with the BIOS requiring about 4 hours of labor – additional charges. We can’t fix the drivers because we need your driver installation disks.” I told them to just install Explorer 6.0 and knowing there was absolutely nothing wrong with my Bios (I am computer savvy!) and smelling a RAT, without warning I went in to pick up the computer at 4:00PM. 1 hour later! It was sitting on the side, picked up and handed to me with a bill for $105.00 NO FIXED DRIVERS, SYSTEM UNSTABLE (no system instability before taking it in), ONLY EXPLORER INSTALLED. Checked the Bios which I backed up to disc before taking it in and they had not been touched. I sent a letter of complaint to the ower an elusive Mr. Ben Soleimani explaining full details, accompanied by invoices etc. requesting a refund. NOT EVEN THE COURTESY OF A REPLY! A complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau and will be filed with every single consumer bureau in existence. ALWAYS CHECK WITH LICENSING BUREAUS, THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND COMPLAINT WEBSITES BEFORE DEALING WITH REPAIR SERVICES OF ANY KIND. AVOID BMI COMPUTER SERVICE 611 LA Cienega Blvd Los Angeles 90069 LIKE THE PLAGUE! NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

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