We found bearings shop online/ world bearing SRL, offering very attractive prices for bearings we needed. We got in touch via email and Ciprian replied in good English advising us of the full price with shipping to England. | We paid via bank transfer, and then heard nothing for days, therefore i got in touch via email, which were ignored for another few days, until finally i heard back advising us the tracking number would be sent ‘tomorrow’. I chased this up the next day, and apparently their office was closed and the tracking number would be sent the next day. I received the tracking number apparently for DPD, but their tracking numbers are 10 or 12 digits, and the one we received was 15, so it was false! | So harrowed at this whole experience as if i’d come across this site before, i would have saved 334 and a lost order with our customer. Please do yourselves a favour and do not order from this company. I have no idea what action can be taken to get our money back, but for anyone reading this, i repeat do not use this company, they are frauds and scammers. In the bearing trade too, this is not the place you’d expect this crooks to be operating. Avoid them at all costs.

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