Beautifully Passive Review


Beautifully Passive was advertised by After reading some information and reviews seen on and the better business bureau I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. I was contacted by a Jeff Rosen via text message, saying "you inquired online about beautifully passive, give me a call". Shortly later I called Jeff, he explained the business model as I invest $30,000 to buy 2 fat freezing machines, they work with their placement specialist to locate spa’s or locations in my area, I then become an ambassdor of Beautifully Passive and visit the spa every other week to collect my 50/50 split. The spa pays nothing out of pocket, receives training covered by me (the investor) and the only responsibility of the spa is to have an insurance policy up to $2 million dollars. Sounded straight forwarded. Until I started doing some more research and noted many complaints and people claiming the business was fraudulent. Jeff had an answer for every question I asked, including how many machines are in operation? He told me they have so many new investors he couldn’t even guess… come to find out they have NONE in the state of Florida currently operating. Red Flag. He gave me 2 references to call to discuss their business, how its operating and if its making money. I spoke to Michelle (Jeff gave me her number) she asked me twice why I was calling and then gave me a long winded story of how she’s already making a profit. My guess is Michelle is part of the scam. I later texted her to further here more and she never responded. After several calls, emails and text, Jeff convinced me this was the right move. He was so convincing he sweetened the deal by allowing me the opportunity to buy in at a super reduced rate of $15,000 for one machine, and the additional $30,000 upon placement of the machine. He acted like he did me a favor by saying, "I got my butt chewed out" for making this deal. In the end, I reluctantly invested. Didn’t hear a word from anyone for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS. I finally reached out and made some noise about the lack of outreach. I spoke with Kendra who was head of placement team and then Taylor the liaison and eventually Cathy whom I was told was "part owner". Turns out, Cathy is a consultant for the company, before they go BANKRUPT. Looks like a really awful and touch lesson learned for me. Now, I’m fighting for my money back and warning others not to fall for their fraudulent scam.

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