Beautyrest Complaint


Approximately two years ago, I paid over $2, 700 for a queen size mattress and box springs set of Simmons Beautyrest, in the “top of the line” Black model. This mattress is now severely sagging at the edge and on the side on which I usually sleep. I am a 6′ 3, ” 220 lb guy. Their rep measures the sag with no one on the bed at 1″, less than the 1.5″ required for any warranty action. They also cite a minor discoloration stain (from a Coke) on the edge of the box springs as justification for not standing behind the mattress warranty. How a company can even suggest that a soft drink stain on the edge of a box springs would void a mattress warranty is a true joke. It shows the Simmons Company to be what it is, a deceitful bunch of scoundrels. I did not buy a bed as a work of art; and, do not care what it does, or looks like, when it is not in use. Who came up with this worthless warranty standard of testing a bed with nothing on it, in the first place? This is not what anyone intends when they buy a mattress; and, the bedding industry should be ashamed of itself for even implying that there is a genuine, reasonable, warranty on their product.

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