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Complaint: Bebop Technology. Oh how I regret the dayI came across this company. To give a little bit of a background, I run a media agency that creates videos, advertisements, seminars etc. for our clients. We do a lot of work with graphics and video on a regular basis which is why our software needs lean towards the post production side of things rather heavily. When looking for a post-production solution, we wanted to keep things cloud based in order to allow for remote viewing and working for our co-workers who are overseas in our UK offices. So we came across what seemed like the perfect solution when we stumbled upon Bebop Technology’s website. The product that Bebop were selling was a cloud-based post production media suite that was marketed as having all the tools from a bunch of different creative suite solutions that we could ever need. Bebop insisted that their solutions were the best in the market and also the most cost effective, I disagreed with the cost effective part even if they had supplied everything that they had promised, but we went ahead anyway. A reader might question so as to why we went ahead in the first place, the reason we did was because of one name, Bruce K. Long. Now to say that Bruce K. Long is a fraudster and a scammer and a con artist wouldn’t be far from the truth (because that he is) but above everything he’s a masterful liar. Bruce convinced us in every way that he possibly could that Bebop’s solutions would help us get everything in order and we went ahead with the purchase. USD $12499. I wish I was making that number up but that was the cost of the “Suite”” that we signed up for. Bruce K. Long and his company Bebop Technology insisted on the full payment being up front and we complied. When we finally got access to the “”suite””

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Address: all it had were tools that were available in the Adobe Creative Suite and nothing else. Now Adobe Creative Suite is a tool that we already owned and had access to and it was supposed to be ONE of the several tools that were to be at our disposal as part of Bebop’s services. However

Website: we only got 2

Phone: we only got ACS and a sloppy addition of Avid’s Creative Suite later

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