Bee d’ Vine

Bee d’ Vine

Unfortunately, I have not been able to obtain my order to rate the taste of the product.

Item Ordered: Sweet Special – SKU #HWSWEET for $99.00 on 11.25.20 at 10:47 am Pacific Time.

Bee D Vine TOOK PAYMENT OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT 11.27.20 (2 days later)

Order status: AWAITING PROCESSING and 20 days later, it still shows ‘AWAITING PROCESSING’

I reached out to Bee D Vine on the following dates and times:

12.7.20 @ 10:45 am: No answer. Left a voicemail

12.7.20 @ 10:55 am – Sent above email to [email protected]… regarding the status of my order and no one has reached out to me regarding my order

12.9.20 @ 8:25 am: Called 1.415.644.8607 and spoke to Jessica, Receptionist, She stated no one is available in the order department and she obtained my telephone number and advised someone would get back to me asap. As of today 12.13.20, No one has contacted me

This company have a COVID-19 disclosure on the website which state, “We have received an overwhelming volume of orders in the past couple of weeks.

We are processing orders as quickly as possible. Should you have any order issues please email [email protected].” It has been 20 days without any communication from this company. What is amazing is that Bee D Vine took the $99.00 out of my bank account immediately but never responded to my requests for status updates. Bee D Vine is located in California and I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I received orders from Boston, MA faster even though Bee D Vine is located in California.

This is the worse customer service EVER which is unacceptable since this company is supported by Shark Tank members Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daniel Lubetzky and Robert Herjavee. You would think that Shark Tank would represent better products.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 2443 Fillmore Street, Suite 380 – 1815
Phone 415-644-8607

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