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So my fiancé and I went into Beldens in the Rockingham ma NH. We were looking for a bridal set. Marlena a manager who helped us told us about all the sales and reward and how much money we would save and all the reward we could use make our purchase cheaper so with her making it sound so good we put money down on a bridal set that was going to be 1200 for engagement ring and 500 for the band but with the reward we would get $100 off ever 300 spent in reward so she said the band would be 100 when all said and done. So we ended up paying 1448, so far when we went to pay the rings off we were then told that no you can only use 100 of reward not the full 400 that we have huh not what she said when we first saw her then all of a sudden she could use the reward with the sale so all said and done we were paying 500 more than what was said to begin with. Plus the diamond had a crack in it mentioned it to her she said it was a birthmark for diamond huh. So I got frustrated and told them I wanted to have my my returned back to me. | Ughh now this started a whole bunch more problems. She tells me because we payed in cash we would have to wait 10-14 days for a check in the mail. This is October 27th my wedding is on November 18 that didn’t give much time and now if they are late I will have no rings for my wedding. She ha e me a tracking number for the check and it doesn’t work called every number and can’t get I touch with anyone. I am so pissed an when I call the store that i went to they act like I’m bothering them. Like excuse me you have 1448 of our money which I have no idea when I’m going to get it and no idea were my money is. I have cried so much I am so worried I’m not going to ha e rings for my wedding they have ruined my ring shopping and possible my wedding and stole my money. To top it off no one will even help me. They don’t care at all about their customers. They are the worst Buyer Bewear do not shop there if you want a good experience and good quality jewelery 🙁 🙁

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