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I tried a “trial sample”” of neck creme and face creme. My trial was supposed to be around $10 for both.nReceived what i thought was the trial jars. Then my checking account was debited 107! and i got an email saying “”your shipment is on its way”” and I was confused since I already had the sample. nThen I called (about 7 times) to get them to stop sending their crap and give me my money back. Each time I called I just got the runaround and was told I needed a Return Merchandise number which would be emailed to me within 24 hours–not. Never ever did I receive any such RM number. nNow

after all this time

almost one month

I am advised by Belisi CSR Arvin to go to for instructions on how to return the merchandise. Great

but where is the RM# which you so desperately need? They purposfully do not send it so they can continue to charge your credit card and hope you don’t o complain. You see

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