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Bell Road Toyota The asking price was $6888. They charged $7723. They also added other charges that should have been included in the $6888 original price. Phoenix Arizona!!. My wife and I went with our daughter to help her get a used car. We received an advertisement about a Toyota Corolla for $6888 at Bell Road Toyota in Phoenix, Arizona. We went to buy it on 29 Dec, 2014. The Salesman, Kyler Messmer, showed us the car and verified that the price was $6888. They wrote up a contract that showed the sale price as $7723. He did not mention the increase. Nor the added fees totaling around $10,000. My daughter trusted them and signed the contract when they said, “Sign here and here.” We were also given 72 hours to get financing through a company of our choice. My wife paid them a check for $1200 which they said paid for everything except the $6888 purchase price. However, when my daughter looked at contract the next day she was devastated. She saw that they had added many additional charges not mentioned by anyone at Bell Road Toyota. All they had said, more than once, was yes the $6888 is the purchase price. As soon as my daughter told my wife about the deception, she called the salesman. He admitted that costs had been added but that they could be removed if we talked to the manager who was not there that day. When we went in to talk to the manager, they told us that they couldn’t make any changes because they had already sent it in through their own finance company. They had withdrawn the 72 hour pledge without notice. Finally they reduced a few prices but my daughter is still stuck with a bill for far more than the advertised price of $6888. They were dishonest. Please warn others not to deal with Bell Road Toyoya.

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