Bell & Williams Associates, INC Alva Oklahoma Review


approx. February, 2016 I was asked by Bell & Williams to serve Repossession documents on a subject in Enid, Oklahoma. I was to call them to have the driver pick up the truck upon finding it’s location. I charged them my normal fee and Mileage. After Services were rendered. They refused to pay my invoice. I tried for 60 days to no avail. I then took their company to small claims court. They failed to even come to court so I then won by default judgment. I have sent the judgement to them 2 times. I have also attempted to email but still I get no answer back from them. I want everyone to know that it is sad that a “COLLECTION AGENCY”” themselves do not pay their bill. I am not the only one this has happed to. I have been doing reviews to let others know to get paid up front if you do business with them. I am now out $178.00 the amount of the bill. $129.00 for attorney and court fee’s as well as I am earning 5.50% interest until paid.”

7 wall street Windham, Uruguay

(866) 661-0475

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