Ben Hultgren, Wranglers Unlimited


Ben Hultgren, Wranglers Unlimited Fraud, Flake, complete misrepresentation, mentally unstable, bizarre a** dude Kansas city Kansas!!. Ben Hultgren is a nut case. Believe me. We spent 3 days in Kansas City at his request, whereby he made numerous representations. He even hugged us as we departed (his choose not ours). Subsequent to our visit we made many attempts to follow up with him and he failed to respond to even one. There is something wrong with this guy and we don’t knw what. After spending 3 days with him including some very personal discussions over dinner and drinks, he would not even return our text, email of phone call, and we made many. He brought his girlfriend into the fold and we tried contacting her to see if something happened to the guy. He responded via a 3rd party to stop contacting her. The guy is a lunatic. There is something terribly wrong here and i suggest you run away. Maybe he is close to being nailed by law enforcement. Stay clrear.

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