Ben Kalasho, Johnny Oram, Mark Paul Arabo


I watched the former Mayor of El Cajon become a victim of reverse racism a crime that in my mind reverse racism is just as much a crime as Racism. The Chaldean Community in East County has recently turned on former mayor Mark Lewis forcing such honorable man to resign. They accused him of Racism. I am here to expose the accusers of their blatant acts of dishonesty. Mark Paul Arabo, Johnny Oram and Ben Kalasho, were the 3 people leading the attack on the Mayor lewis. Now weather Mayor Lewis is a racist or not I really donu2019t I really donu2019t know. Both Oram And Arabo founded The Chaldean American Chamber Of commerce California and Ben kalasho President of the Chaldean American Chamber Of Commerce San Diego East County( All of whom are currently suing each other) but not to worry there all 3 parties are equally dishonest .In this Article I WILL Prove IT 1.Both chambers have websiteu2019s up and claim hundreds of memberu2019s and Facebook accounts with thousands of likes and you may say whatu2019s wrong with that? Will nobody actually liked there facebook pages simply because they bought them from the internet. THROUGH third part affiliates in third world countries like Thailand that set up link farms . EXAMPLE Buy Facebook Likes & Fans MR. KALASHOS CHAMBER MR ORAMS CHAMBER Now I ask of you THE PEOPLE are these actions of HONEST BUISNESS PEOPLE AND ORGINIZATIONs. OR ARE these a bunch of crooks trying to make a living off others good intentions and build their own selves up to be something there notu2026 WHAT I WANT>>>> I WANT BOTH FACEBOOK PAGES IMMIADELY Deleted AND A PUBLIC APOLOGY FOR LIEING< RELATED STORY

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