[email protected] vega erie Michigan


Complaint: My dog died on 10-26-15, and a week later this lady named [email protected] vega, sent me a message saying she has a s**t tzu puppy that’s needs a good home she lives over sea and she said she would pay for everything, all I would have to pay was transferred paper of ownership witch was 155 dollars, so I did western union yesterday, and today I got a text from the shipping company saying I had to pay insurance for the travel witch was 875 dollars, I told the shipping people I didn’t know anything about that, then I texted benadett back and told her what they said, and I said if this is a joke I sure don’t appreciate it, and didn’t hear back from her , so she got my 155 dollars and wanted to pay 875 dollars more, so she is a scam artists and needs to stop doing this to people, who just lost there dog, still don’t know how she got my name, just thought God was looking out for all my pain I was going thru with my dog that just died, but no these people need to be published

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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