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Bennett’s automotive repair Excessive estimates/charges and still does not fix vehicle smyrna Tennessee!!. They advertise as being automotive repair experts. They are not even close to being an expert. My vehicle had sloppy steering and noise when turning the steering wheel, took it here and the parts man said they did the alignment diagnosis and it showed it would need Steering Gear Box, all 4 tie rod, pressure line hose, and both lower and upper ball joints. total cost $2165.52 they did the work in one day and when Bobby called to say the vehicle was repaired and ready and added that he personally drove it to make sure it was fixed, and in his opinion the steering was nice and tight as it should be. when i picked it up and drove away, it was obvious the steering was not fixed.I have about 2″ of dead on-center steering wheel play. I can just sit there and turn the steering wheel back and forth about 1-2″ each way and nothing happens. Once I hit about the 2″ turn point, I finally feel like the steering gear “grabs” and actually does something. There is still the Dead spot which has to be over-corrected while driving. I took the vehicle in to be repaired and to eliminate the steering problem. They did not do this and after almost $2200. i still have the problem. you should not have to fight to keep the vehicle straight going down the road. Bobby had also said he would not charge for the alignment, i was charged $89.99. He apparently speaks for the moment and does not follow up on his word. I assume this repair shop is limited to replacing what their test shows and cannot think beyond to actually repair the actual problem. For the customer, if you have plenty of money to spend, then this would be the place to bring your vehicle, don’t expect expert service. the repair may take lots of hunting and replacing before they actually fix the problem.

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