Benson Nissan James Service Manager And Tim Emory Nissan Manager


On 10/26/07 I arrived at Benson Nissan (45 min. drive from my house) to have my 300ZX vehicle checked for electrical problems. I told the service manager, James, that I needed my right turn signal and my bright light signal checked. After 2 hrs.,the service manager told me that 1 hr. was charged to me and nothing was found and that for 1 more hour, he would ask his mechanic to work during lunch on my car to check further for another $80.00. So, trusting them I agreed and while the manager was gone to lunch, I looked inside to see that the mechanic had ‘5’ cars in the shop w/ mine, but noone was working on my car to check for electrical faults. I watched for over an hour, then the manager came back from lunch. The manager told me after nearly ‘4’ hrs. that they believed I had a broken circuit box. Well, I paid my 160.00, put my key into the ignition and the ring around the ignition fell off! Then I noticed the steering wheel cover was very loose, so I took the key out and went to the service manager(James) and told him about those two problems. He went to my car and w/o contacting the mechanic, said that the mechanic did not touch my steering wheel cover or do anything to the ring around the ignition. I said my car was not like that when I came in so he went and got some glue and glued the ring back on, then took a screw driver and pulled each screw out of the bottom of the steering wheel and roughly waved each one in my face. Yes, now the steering wheel is tighter but not put back on right. Yet he denies anyone touching those two items. James said that he could take me down to any new car in the Nissan car lot and I would find ALL of the steering wheel covers loose! I called Tim Emory(Nissan mgr.) about the situation and he said that he has to believe his service manager b/c he was not there. I feel that the way I was treated was very rude and since I was by myself, I was treated badly b/c I am a woman. Trust me, I take very good care of my car and I think they should pay me back. That was very demeaning for any man or woman! Gail Mountain Rest, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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