Benz Connection


In september 2000, we took a recently purchased ’74 Mercedes 450sl to Benz Connection in Paramus NJ to have it repaired as needed. the car had sat for a long time and had a miss, needed loose steering fixed and exhaust system replaced, etc. 2 months later, after having given them $2600, we drove the car away. on the way back to manhattan, we discovered that the car didn’t have any power and it wouldn’t start when we got it here. we finally got it started and took it to a german mechanic around the corner who verified that it was running on 6 instead of 8 cylinders. we took it back immediately. Briefly, 9 months later, they haven’t returned the car to us yet. they say it runs ok but has been, (every time we call), buried behind a bunch of disabled cars in their junkyard. finally, last week they tell us that they will call a tow truck to extricate it. but later when i call they till me it still needs a starter; upon which i bring them one from a party that i knew with some leftover parts. they told me it was a good part and that they should it have it in a couple of days. yesterday when i called, they pretty much told me to go to hell; the car still needed another part…”come get it towed out of here yourself or it will get buried back in the boneyard again”.

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