Benzo Anabolics UK Pharmacy Toms River New Jersey Review


Benzo Anabolics UK Pharmacy is a Fraud Rip-off Scam. UK Pharmacies offering Illegal Drugs Painkillers, Steroids, HGH, HCH, Oral Steroids, Injectable, Viagra, and Cialis are a Scam, you will lose your money. Itu2019s the great UK Pharmacy Scam. If they donu2019t take Credit Cards these UK Pharmacys are a ripoff If online Pharmacies in the UK do not take credit cards itu2019s a scam operation and you will have no recourse. Do not send money Western Union, Wire Transfer, Bit Coin or any other method except by Credit Card. Paying by credit cards gives you the option of opening a dispute. The seller can be banished by the credit card companies for repeated fraudulent behavior. Here is my story; I place an order with BENZO AND ANABOLICS PHARMACY. After wiring the money to the Ukraine I received a fake letter from an Ukraine Shipper telling me the product had being confiscated by the Bureau of Customs & Border Protection. Repeatedly I e-mailed all concerned asking for an address, a contact person and a phone number, I have a friend who speakes Russian. No Name or contact information was provided to me by the Shipper or the Bureau of Customs & Border Protection. The shipping number brings up nothing. I was obviously beat by a Pack of Russian with a website that is supposed to be in the UK. So Beware of UK Pharmacy offering illegal drugs. Further investigation of the Pharmacyu2019s in the UK selling illegal drugs revealed that not of them take credit cards. They all operate the same way and it is my beliefe that they are a UK Drug scam run by Russian crooks. E-Mail sent me by Ukraine shipper. Subject: IMPORT DRUG PERMIT We were informed by Customs Officers from the Paris. Bureau of Customs & Border Protection of the Paris – Roissy Charles de Gaulles Airport, u00cele-de-France region, that the parcel consignment #: PP11007715893 registered on your name, and heading to your address has been held in their offices due to the lack of IMPORT DRUGS LICENCE OR PERMIT. In accordance with the Council Regulation (EU) No 111/2005, amended by the Commission Regulation EU No 1259/2013 relative to the Import/Export from/to countries outside European Union of Category 1 and Category 2 precursor chemicals that clearly lays down rules for the monitoring of trade in drug precursors between the EU and countries outside the European Union, and says prior individual authorizations issued by the competent authority, is required for all imports (including transshipment), exports and intermediary activities involving drug precursors. You are urged to send us a copy of your Import Drugs License if you have a valid one, so that we can forward it to the Customs Office at the Roissy Charles de Gaulles international Airport Paris in order for them to release your parcel. Or in case you do not have a license, you need to pay so that our agent on duty in Paris, could facilitate an Express issuing by the French Ministry of Health of a valid License. Thanks, Yours faithful, Insurance Sector Corona Express Limited Ltd [email protected] Why would French Authorities enforce a US Law?? Because it is a fraud!


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