Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals – LifeKey Healthcare – Warner Healthcare – Avlimil Plano Texas Review


Back on July 5th of 2004, I went online and ordered a 30 day (free sample) of Avlimil. All I had to do was give my credit card information to pay for S&H. So I did. nUpon doing that I phoned the 800 customer service department to request that any furture mailings not be done and that my credit card not be charged. I heard on the automated message that you could do this by going online to So I did. Unfortunately, I did not receive any confirmation, explanation of it being done, etc. I phoned customer service back and explained to them that I had tried online, she told me it would be cancelled. Done. nToday, August 2, 2004 while getting my bank account information I hear that there is a $70 charge from Warner Healthcare. I had no clue who this was (since I wasn’t expecting this to happen) so I went online to look them up. Low and behold I find that it was the company for which Avlimil is associated. I thought “no big deal”” and I would just call them to let them know that there had been an error on their part and I didn’t want more at this time. It was then I was told by the representative Tanya that there was no record of my previous cancellation

another order shipped and there was no hope of a refund. nI was then transferred to a supervisor

Troy (because I was irate and asked for one) and he only confirmed what the representative before had told me. Unfortunately

I did not have a confirmation number (I was never given one) and so now I have this charge on my account and a company telling me that there is nothing they are going to do about it. This is absolutely ridiculous. I just wanted to try a product that I thought would make certain things improve and instead I am given just a bigger complication. This is UNREAL! nJaimenPlano


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