Berkley Premium Nutraceuticals Joplin Missouri Review


I have gone through the same thing many of you have. I just got off the phone with customer service and got the same run around… they will not let me send the product back and they will not refund my $70. I ordered the FREE 30 sample off the web and they automatically enrolled me in some managed care something or other – and I got a 60 day supply today and a $70 charge on my debit card. nI talked with the customer service girl and got no where with her and then asked to speak to her supervisor. It was like the stepford children. They said the exact same thing. I asked to speak to HIS supervisor and he advised me that he would also say the exact same thing. I told him I was going to refute the charges with my bank. He happily said “that’s fine””. I was SO mad when I hung up. nI’m going to call again tomorrow and see what else I can have done. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General in Ohio. I’m soooooo upset!! nLisanJoplin


PO Box 42635 Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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