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Complaint: I had purchased my Audi TT at the end of the Summer of 2004. Since that time, Bert Wolfe has serviced my vehicle a handfull of times and all of which the timely service stated went far beyond the limits. First instance began in December if 2004 when the gas gauge in the Audi failed and left me stranded on the highway. I had the vehicle towed to Bert Wolfe. They stated that it would be done within 24 hours. Well, one excuse after the other came because of parts and service timing. It turned out that my Audi didn’t get repaired fully for an additional 4 days. The Second instance came in the Summer of 2005 when the convertable top failed to work electronically. I took it to the service department and after about 3-4 hours of running diagnostics tests, they revealed to me that the problem may lie deeper and that my warranty may not cover it. It was a $800-900 gamble to find out if the convertable top would be covered by warranty. I decided to take the gamble and again being promised that it would take a day to tear apart, and diagnose the problem turned into me waiting all day at the dealership for them to tell me they needed to keep the car longer and wound up to be another 2 day wait. The part was another 3 days. So therefore, I was without my car yet another week. Of which, by the way, my warranty did cover the problem. The final instance was December 2006 when my check engine light came on and I stopped by to have Bert Wolfe diagnose my problem. I had an appointment to take it in at 8am, which I did, and was informed at 3pm that they had not even gotten to the problem at all, which they had stated at 8am that they would phone at 12pm to tell me what the problem was. They never called and I had to call twice before we received any type of answer. At that time, I was informed that is was an Oxygen censor and would take the rest of the week to repair. The Audi is my primary vehicle and it cripples you when something like this happens. Morale of this story: If all possible, seek an alternative auto technician for your vehicle. I have found out that is is hard for one that is under warranty of the higher end such as mine, but after the service I have received, my car will go either to the Audi dealership in Clarksburg, WV or Pittsburgh, PA from now on! I’m not even sure if the technicians are trained at Bert Wolfe any differently to work on vehicles of the higher end like my Audi and the Porches they sell. But, based on the customer service that they have delivered, it really makes one question such aspects. Gena Morgantown, West VirginiaU.S.A.

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Address: 1900 Patrick Street Plaza Charleston, West Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 304-344-1601

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