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Bertera Nissan in Auburn Dishonest attitude Auburn Massachusetts!!. Because I received excellent sales service from Nissan Bertera in the past, I decided to start my search at this time from the same dealership. First; I filled out a pre-qualification application online and received a Customer Appreciation Coupon from Steven Bertera. Secondly, I was contacted by a salesman named Teddy Simons who I told about my current situation. I was very clear regarding my credit score of 561 due to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharged last year. Also, I told him that I was looking for the most basic car but it must be new. I repeated several times that I was unable to put any money down because I was in outside the country taking care of my mother for a few months and I was enrolled in my last senior nursing courses for the Fall 2018 . Finally, I told him that I have worked for the same local hospital since 2005 with a gross weekly income of US780. Mr. Simons asked me to stop by at the store to fill out another application which I did. I stayed there for 4 and half hours, had a test driving, but left the store without any answer. He was always telling me: “Don’t worry Sir; I’m going to get what you want to”. For the next 3 days he kept telling me the same thing: “Don’t worry Sir I’m going to get you there”. After 3 days waiting he came with this answer: “I can get you a 2016 used car, 35k, but you need to come with at least US2000 down.” I told him that wasn’t what I want t and he confirmed been worked on”. I gave up based on his dishonest attitude but found out that he run my credit 7 times and couldn’t get me into that vehicle. Nissan Bertera pulled my credit 7 times which dropped 80 points and is now considered u201cvery pooru201d instead of fair. I am in the process of trying to re-establish credit after filled chapter 7 and now I’m unable to purchase a car.

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