Best Buy HQ Richfield MN Maryland Review


I woke up this morning to see 2 charges in the amounts of $31.79 and $70.00 from the Best Buy HQ in Richfield Minnesota. I live in Maryland so this was obviously not me at 3:30 in the morning using my card. I called my credit card company capital one and they said I needed to contact Best Buy and tell them to stop the charge from going through but in the meantime they could report my card stolen. When I googled the store in Minnesota there were 5 other links that came up up people having the same issue as me. When I called Best Buy to confront the issue, they informed me that the charges were made from Geek Squad because I am on an automatic renewal with my credit card. That is a complete lie. I NEVER sign up for anything that automatically debits or charges my account for anything. Geek squad went ahead and re-charged me for another year subscription to their computer service for $70 and a $31.79 fee for their internet service help. I NEVER authorized these charges, nor received an email from Best Buy asking if it was ok to charge my card because my annual renewal was coming up. BEWARE! I had reported my card stolen because I really never authorized anyone, Geek Squad included to charge my card without my permission. The Best Buy customer service rep said the charge would be taken off and that he was sorry that it would take a couple days. He said I would be contacted via email stating the charge reversal when it occurs. I took his name and he gave me a case number. Latre today, I got two emails from Best Buy thanking me for my renewal to the Geek Squad protection service AFTER I called and told them not to put the charges through because they were un-authorized. I will wait a few days and see what happens, but I can tell you right now I will never get anything from Best Buy again after this experience. What kind of business charges your card and then notifies you afterward for your permission?

Richfield, Minnesota USA


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