Best Buy Lansford Pennsylvania Review


My father went to Best Buy to buy a desk top computer. He took it back several times during the first year that he owned it with the same problem repeating. Each time he took it in it was sent out to be fixed and each time it cost him 100.00 to have it so called fixed. nSome warranty to begin with, the reason you purchase warranties are so that you don’t get charged when it breaks. After the warranty ran out it was discovered that it was a faulty motherboard of course Best wouldn’t honor or replace the computer. nHow does a company keep thriving in America when it rips off their customers better yet give them attitude because they want to be refunded. I will never shop their again!!! The people were not only rude but acted ads though we were uneducated stupid people!!!!!!! nDon’t ever buy a warranty through Best buy it is a scam that they get away with, and don’t buy products there due to the fact they will not honor their own warranty or work that will be preformed!!! This company absolutly blows away the discription of conartist cover up company….. nGeorgiannnLansford, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

1701 Crossing Road Wyomissing, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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