Best Buy Lincoln NE Review


I paid $200 dollars for a 3 yr inhome warranty and have not solved even one of the many problems. Best Buy says they do not warranty software only hardware to call the mfg. The salesman told me that I would have full coverage for 3 years no matter what happened. Some little weasel from Best Buy gave me a call after I emailed the mfg. and got smart with me. He was a liar and denied that I had spent countless hours on the phone trying to fix the problems. He also denied me inhome service. I also went to the store on 2 occasions and was told that if I brought it in they may or may not fix it without charge if and when they had time. So far I have been told to pay 15 dollars ea. for 2 cds to fix it, told I could get help for 15 dollars a min. and yelled at by a tech. because HE couldn’t fix junk either. nMikenLincoln, Nebraska

400 N. 48th Lincoln, Nebraska U.S.A.

402 464 1820

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