Best Buy Providence Rhode Island Review


I bought an XBOX in Sept 2003 at the Best Buy in Warwick. I was told if anything happens to the unit or the controllers for 2 Years they would replace it an unlimited amount of times if I got it. My controller is not working and I took it too the store with my service plan on 11/10/04. I was told if I replace the controller the warranty will then become void. I told them I just want a new controller as promised to me. What I was told is buy a new controller then put my old broken one in the package and return it. Thgis is not what I want to do I just want a new controller without having to void the remaining 11 months. I was lied to just to buy this plan. They should honor it. I am going to call Richard Schulze, their CEO today and voice my dissatisfaction. I bout 2 TV’s there in the last 3 weeks, and laughed when they tried to con me into a service plan for them. nRobertnProvidence, Rhode IslandU.S.A.

Bald Hill Road Warwick, Rhode Island U.S.A.

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