Best Captures


The company posted a job for a freelance Assistant Photographer. I applied and a couple days later received an email stating based off of my resume I was selected to work a photo/video shoot in San Francisco CA for their client, Michael Kors. This would be a trial shoot to see about possible further employment. I would be paid $300 per day for the work. They would send me a check for $2,850 to cover my initial upfront payment of $300 and the rest would be transferred over to the clients travel agent to book the flight and accommodations. I revived the check, deposit/cashed it. Kept the $300 and went to deposit the remaining balance in the ‘travel agents’ account out of the Bank of America. Bank Of America does not allo for cash to be deposited into someone else’s account, so I wrote a personal check and had planned to re-deposit the $2,550 back into my account. My check processed through, the day before their check bounced. And now I have inadvertently given ‘Best Captures’ $2,550 through Bank of America to Paris Perkins. Best Captures has since disconnected both phone numbers and have not returned emails. I have all documented emails and text messages with the hank account number that Best Captures provided for the ‘travel agent’ Paris Perkins.

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