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best foreign cars Joe langolis Owner/cheat joe langolis CHEATER, SHADY, UNPROFESSIONAL, SLEAZY, WEAZEL severna park Maryland!!. This report is to inform any person or persons thinking about doing any dealings with Joe Langolis, or his shop Best Foreign Cars for any reason. I took two of my cars there hearing from friends that he had a good reputation, but they never dealt with him directly just word of mouth. First of all when you get to the shop its a house converted into a mechanics shop (that has to be illegal in his residential property) and it looks run down with cars everywhere most junk some together. After he put me through hell twice I realized that he came into ownership of them by doing the same thing that happened to me. I dont want to go into extreme detail with my specific Incident so ill try to stick to the pertinent information, like whenever I had a question about the work that I wanted performed he had a piece of paper mixed in with other pieces of paper meaning he never had any legitimate bills of parts he bought or an accurate account of time or money spent on the carand whenever I asked him he would get frustrated and say I don’t keep a copy of the bill on me I have to make it (yeah make it up). When I got that car back it was in terrible condition he admittedly left the windows down during winter and spring. My car suffered so much interior damage the mold accumulation was unbearable also within my first 20 miles of driving the car one of the parts that I just paid him thousands of dollars to repair and upgrade broke due because he didn’t fully install it correctly (he didnt put fluid in a transmission that he just rebuilt) joe being the stand up guy that he is acknowledged all the issues with the car that were his and or his staffs fault but wouldn’t take responsibility for anything (I didn’t want anything for free I just wanted the type of service that I paid a lot of money for). My second car that I had him work on went way worst and this one I will keep short since its still fresh in my mind and heart and still hurts like hell. I had a running driving car that I wanted a motor swap done to it I had all the parts for the swap but joe still charged me for parts that I had I was charged 10k for a 4k to 5k job I paid 4k on the job up to the point that I found out the bill was at 10k with no other mention of the bill being that high before that and the average price for the work that I wanted done was no more than 6k at most with the parts that I had this was verified (and he was significantly higher priced than higher grade shops in his area). He also did work that I didn’t authorize just to make more money off of the labor. And I ran into the same billing issues with him as I did with the last car, him never knowing how much time parts or labor he had invested in the car at any point and time (if you’re asking why did I take another car to him after the first one simple I already had my second car with him before my first car was finished and I didnt think that he would screw me the way he did) so this is the part that makes me mad I had surgery 3 months after my wife had our first child and he waited until I went one day late on my payments and filled for a lien on the car. So now he owns my car just like the others he has in his lot.

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