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Well first of all. The trader isn’t very good on what he does. Consistent losses than winnings, but Losses are much bigger than the winning by twice as much. | Winnings avg +15 pips, Losses -30 pips (With a 45% win rate) Horrible! | I went down -200 pips in the month of November 2015. Yet he claims he never had a losing month from trading more than 8+ years. I knew that was complete BS but I decided to still sign up just to try the serivce out. | Here’s my problem though, after asking for a verified performance chart, I never got a response from them again. It’s been 2 weeks that I haven’t gotton a reply back! | So now im just asking for a refund which you guessed it, not a single reply back. | Here’s my monthly perfomance using only their service | I like to add that this was my REAL account which I stopped trading on the 20th, The rest of the performance was on a demo which went down another -40 pips as of now Nov. 30th 2015. | I opened Skrill chargeback case as thats where I made the $200 payment. I would’ve used the clickbank payment method but they had a “promotion” of a one time fee of $200 which was only was available to purchase using Skrill. | Anyone that is considering using this service, please dont! You will only lose your money.

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