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This is a gypsy scam Her real name is Laura Johns she is using a false identity. Her daughter which uses the alias “Michelle Taylor” is Sylvia Johns and was convicted of credit card fraudulent for 100,000 of an elderly man. This business is under investigation with FBI for larceny and IRS for unpaid taxes. The reading may start as low as 5$ and gradually rise over thousands of dollars. Receipts won’t be given because they don’t want there to be any proof your being scammed. They ask for colognes, perfume, gift cards, money, cars, jewelry ,pictures, etc. The “magic sticks” they sell for over 2500.00 are incense which can be bought at a local grocery store for less than a dollar. They’re not licensed, they have no degree or education, and they feel Non-Gypsies are ignorant enough to fall for they’re schemes, Every word written is factual and can be proven NWI News Report

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