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We were approached by Eli Rubin at BR Merchant Services offering High Risk Offshore processing with a provider called | Mr Rubin, signed up for Docusign and drafted a contract for us and this fake (as we know now) Offshore company to avoid any litigation. | We were approved for a merchant account and given all the tools to process cards. We were told there was a 2 week arrears period for payment. We processed for 3 weeks and when it came time to pay, there “were problems paying in USD”. | They made us wait another 2 weeks then notified us that they cannot pay us in USD, even though our contract in Docusign stated as much but that we would get Bitcoins. We waited another 2 weeks while they “worked” on the Bitcoin system. | We processed over 10,000 USD with them and we recieved 0.00 back. After emails and more emails , we then received a document stating that the merchant account was terminated due to Risk and we would get our money back maybe in 180 days. | We will not see a dime. This was a complete scam. | I have since talked with 3 other merchants who used BR/Bicpay for offshore processing and all of them were Robbed 100%. | We are talking in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. | The real defining moment is that even after telling us the account was “terminated” the account tools still work and I ran my own credit card against it and it was accepted and billed. | If a merchant account is closed due to risk, no cards will be able to be accepted. | Please avoid Eli and Best Rate at all costs

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