Best Soft Inc Review


I was dealing directly with Best Soft INC so called CEO HAFIJUL KHAN. We made an agreement that if I was to purchase software from him, he will customize it for a total of $2500. I paid him via paypal and he encouraged me to sign off with paypal so they will release the funds to him so he could begin working. | After releasing the funds to HAFIJUL KHAN, he promised he would deliver me a system within 7 days. After 7 days I reached out to him and he asked for a few additional days. Days, weeks and months went by with no delivered system or product. I then requested a refund and he stated I would receive my money back. | I reached out to him daily for 2 months requesting my money at which point he stopped replying to me and just completely ignored my emails. I then contacted the appropriate authorties in India and have filed complaints with his company. | I warn everyone not to do business with this company. They will promise you everything, and in return simply steal your money. HAFIJUL KHAN directly stole money from me and several other companies around the globe. This person should be shut down and put in jail for fraud. Stay away from Best Soft Inc, they will steal your money.


Name: Best Soft Inc

Country: India

State: West Bengal

City: Kolkata

Address: 71/100 Jessore Road, Bapuji Colony

Phone: 033 6509 0255


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