Best Vacations Ever marlborough Massachusetts Review


My family and I booked a trip to Orlando (oct 24-27) and received confirmation of that booking on October 2nd. On October 5th I called to change our reservation to a different month because a family member is ill. Preferred guests resorts (rude) employee told me that in order to change a reservation without any fees the change had to be made within 21 days or more of your trip. When I called it was 19 days until our trip, I begged for them to make an exception this once, as it was only 2 days less than the 21-day rule. They stated that it was not their decision to make that the contract they had with the timeshare didn’t allow them to make any exceptions, that the ones who could make the change without the fees were the timeshare. I then called the timeshare who told me that they would be happy to change the reservation free of charge but that they weren’t the ones who made the decision that BVE was lying if they said it was the timeshares decision. I called BVE again to try to resolve the issue and the employee could have cared less about what I had to say. Every time I attempted to tell the employee what the timeshare said she interrupted me! I said that if nothing could be fixed for us then I just wanted to cancel; they told me that if I wanted to cancel then it would be a $120 charge to cancel. Finally a manager waived the fee and I cancelled my vacation. But they refused to refund my money or even change my reservation for free they would rather cancel the vacation, than work with the customer. Stay away from BVE or Preferred Guest resorts as they don’t care for their customers all they care about is getting more money out of them. In total we lost about $444.00

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