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Complaint: If your thinking of shopping at a Best Buy, I highly recommend NOT going to the San Bruno California store, and avoid their online store at all cost!!! I left thier store an hour ago. Here is what todays experience was, and why you should avoid the place. I went to buy a windows/android dual boot tablet at this store. Tying to circomvent the store in a whell chair is not easy, but worse is trying to get through these isles while staff is horsing around. I heard the market didnt do so well, so why are employees who are supposed to be helping customers at the busiest time of the season horsing around? It actually was a LOT worse. I actually spoke to 5 different employees. If someone from corporate sees this article, look at your security footage, you will see someone in a wheel chair almsot geting injured by 2 employees, not to mention blown off while customers are looking to buy, and instead talking to one another. Each employee I went to in the computer section, who was talking to another employee talking family and how they hate working there, I went up to and asked for one of the many dual boot tablets. Each one had an answer from we dont sell tablets (You dont? what are all these brands, including the one your resting against?) To we don’t sell HP brand, or try someone from the computer dept, which is the department that these two were gabbing in to begin with. It wasn’t just me, they told another customer they didnt have a laptop in stock and were sold out, and I dont even work there and pointed to the large display with 20 units that they were in fact in stock. Normally this type of buying I do during tax refund season, but this year I had the money to get my kids what they asked for, but didnt buy it at Best Buy because not one out of the 5 employees who I talked with could be bothered to help. The imcompetence didn’t end there. I called customer service which is obviously the sterio type foreign country contracted out just to do what? This is what happened with them. 20 minutes, during holdiay isnt too bad, except to be told they were fowarding me to another department that was in charge of the San Bruno store. I would not be suprised if this is the very same dept that trained the staff. Because when I finally spoke to someone, and told them about the dual boot android tablet I was trying to buy at the store, their response was “What is a tablet? Is this a PC or appliance?”” I hung up after that. Usually this type of problem happens after you buy from them

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Address: not prior. With more and more people buying online instead of in the store

Website: but coming back. Instead

Phone: you would think Best Buy would want to make some sales and offer services like they used to

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