BESTBUY.COM Shenandoah Junc West Virginia Review


I ordered a DVD player and DVD movie for my father in law. Bought it on Dec 17th. Paid for shipping that was supposed to be guaranteed for Christmas Delivery. The DVD player arrived but not the movie. For some reason the order was separated and shipped on two different days, even though both items were in stock. nI called on the 20th inquiring about the dvd and was told that it would be there by Christmas. Although annoyed, I accepted it and let it go. But it didn’t get there by Christmas and to date it has never arrived. It’s Dec 31 and upon calling in for the fourth time, I’m told that my case will have to be looked at by the accounting dept and it will take a while since they are so backed up. I filed an official complaint on the 26th of Dec. As of the 31st, no one has even looked at my complaint. All I’m asking for is a refund for the dvd and the shipping. I was told that it’s the holiday’s and the company is backed up. No one cared about my situation and just read the manuscript over and over. nThey don’t offer refunds, or an option to cancel the order. They have no customer support at all. They don’t honor their false promise of “guaranteed delivery by Christmas”” even if you have paid for the shipping. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy from BESTBUY.COM.nOne other note

I did get a resolution but NOT from BESTBUY.COM. I called my credit card company and told them that I paid for something I’ve never received and tried to get the company to offer a resolution but they have refused. So

my credit card company refunded me and is now dealing with BESTBUY.COM. Hopefully since they are a bigger company with more legal power

they can get better customer service. nSylvianshenandoah junction

West VirginiaU.S.A.”

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