Besterman Hardscapes, Inc.


We hired Besterman Hardscapes of Sarasota Fl. to install pavers around our swimming pool. We gave him a down payment in May with the agreement to install in 6 weeks ( mid. July). His company never showed up to do the work. After repeated calls and emails they showed up unannounced in September. When they did install the pavers they damaged my home’s stucco and installed two different color fountain caps. They agreed to replace a number of pavers that were improperly installed. They left my hose running at full capacity into the pool for two days. I returned home to find my swimming pool was overflowing into our yard. I had to spend a day cleaning mortar that was splashed all over my lanai frame. To date LEN BESTERMAN has never returned to fix these items and on top of that I received a CERTIFIED LETTER from TREMRON that they have now placed a lien on my home due to the fact that Besterman Hardscapes has never paid his bill for the materials, even though we have already paid him. DO NOT do business with this guy he is dishonest and a liar.

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